Our Team


Kenneth Shirley


Phoenix, Arizona

Kenneth Shirley is the founder and CEO of Indigenous Ent. He recently graduated with his bachelors in arts from Arizona State University in 2018. He is a filmmaker collaborating with artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, Micky Free and the Sydney opera House.


Ty LodgePole

World Class Chicken Dancer

Ty represents the Diné people. He dances the Men’s Prairie Chicken Dance, which originates from the Blackfeet People. He has been perfecting his art dancing since the age of ten.  


Deserie Redhouse

Champion Fancy Shawl Dancer

Deserie Redhouse is a champion Fancy Shawl dancer from the Dinè nation. She has won championships all over North America and Canada. Also, she is famous Native artists that specializes in beadwork and seamstress.


Kendorina Redhouse

Champion Jingle Dress

Kendorina Redhouse is a champion Jingle Dress from the Dinè nation. As well as an amazing beadwork and seamstress artist. She has traveled all over the country demonstrating her love for dancing in the arena and bringing home many championships.



Champion Hoop Dancer
Jorge Gonzales is a representative of the salt river Pima Maricopa Indian community. He has been dancing since 2016. He is the recent recipient of the Scottsdale community college Indian title holder.